Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anyone wanna come and organize my life?

I'll give you a dollar! hahah...that's about all I got for now!

Anyway, I guess the whole "He's Not Going to Be Here Thing" has truly sunk in and now I'm somewhat getting into action mode. I scheduled Gabby's birthday party yesterday. Gotta love places like build a bear! I don't have to worry about feeding anyone, just paying for them to make themselves a bear! hahaha. Not too cheap, but tons easier on me. And as far as the cost goes, my mom is going to help me out there. Good old Mommom to the rescue!

I've been trying to get our house organized today. I'll probably have better luck tomorrow considering Hubby has a four day which starts tomorrow, so Gabby will be at school, Hubby can help out with Baby girl and E. the little boy that I watch every so often (that is Driving me INSANE TODAY!) ugh...anyway, so hopefully we'll get more done tomorrow.

Hubby was talking about finally putting up the fencing this weekend. Not sure where he thinks we'll have time for that, but hey, more power to him! We need to clean house (all common areas anyway) cause we're going to have people over on Sunday for the football game. CRAP! I forgot to call off from work...UGH...I'll have to do that in a bit.

Work put me at ease yesterday. I didn't have to work, I went in to have a chat with my manager regarding hours. I need to only work days, no nights, no weekends. I thought she was gonna give me some issues with that. I mean it IS retail. But she understood. So I'll be working only days from now on.

Hopefully, I'll be able to find consistant child care! Oye. Which the person who I have now shouldn't have any issues once January is done. She's just been traveling alot!

I'm anxious for February to get here. Not to see Hubby go, but to see my parents come and have Gabby's birthday. After those two things, I'll probably be dreading the next couple months. I didn't know we'd also be spending Easter alone! mind can't keep things straight. I'm going to become a list maker! ha...It'll be the only way I keep my sanity.

M. Thanks! you know what for!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And so things must go on...

Well...I'm going to be on my own in just a couple weeks. So much sooner than expected. Deployments mean training, training still means time away from the family. And of course, as stated before, we find these things out, just mere weeks before the insanity takes hold.

A strange calm lays upon me now. My initial reaction was tears, but what can I do? Not much really. He IS missing Gabby's birthday by one week. Well, we'll celebrate that one early. Something she wants to do with Daddy, Mommy and baby girl, just us four.

My parents arrive the day after he gallops away. So at least for that week I'll have company. I need to definately rearrange my work schedules. I need to be home now. I need to be here with him, with this family...NOW. Luckily I'll be able to go by the store tomorrow while Gabby is in school. Everything will be left up to me now. There is no more relying on him to help with dinner, or Gabby's homework, or calming down babygirl until I can get to her. I will now be both Mommy and Daddy. I'll have to be.

Deployment. What an ugly word to me right now! I'm scared!

Can this Unit ever figure itself out???

I'm gonna gripe for a few minutes here. I can't go into detail too much, for obvious national reasons, but WHY in God's Great Earth can this stupid Unit NOT figure out what kind of training is necessary to go to war, when it went two years ago?????

Ok, so I have NO idea what's going on in the next four months. I couldn't even tell you what is going on next month! Why? Cause Hubby can't tell me, and the team Sgt can't tell him, cause nobody knows...hmmmm...starting to sound sorta like the whole issue with our back pay! I love this place! UGH.... (Oh PS-Some retarded E-7 dropped the ball and the forms never even made it to Finance! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! Honing Charlie Brown there!)

So Hubby may not be here for Gabby's b-day next month. He doesn't know. It is just under a month a way and I can't really plan for it, cause I don't know where Hubby will be! ::rolls eyes::

I'm pissed about this now, but if you were to approach me about this last night, I would have balled my eyes out! I'm becoming more and more emotional about the whole subject. Frustration isn't the word. I think it's fear. I don't know. I was fine not even two weeks ago and now I'm having trouble sleeping, and well...I just don't want to let go.

Now on top of this is our beautiful little five year old, who I think is making me feel worse. This poor thing is getting so stressed out about all of this. She actually balled her eyes out in front of Hubby the other night as they were playing together. I wonder, honestly, if our emotions are so high because we just finished taking down the last of the Christmas decorations, and we know that Hubby won't be here next Christmas. I wonder if that's what sparked Gabby's reactions? I know mine were initially set off by Gabby's.

God, just get me through this year...and make it quick!

Friday, January 11, 2008

UGH, only Jan 11th and I'm already in that horrible place...

Well, that didn't take long! 11 days into the new year and already my brain is freaking out and I'm going into panick attacks. I had one yesterday and here we go again today!

This probably is true, and for the moment I just really don't want to look into it. My bank is trying to hold my money captive! You see, way back in August of last year our bank screwed us by allowing us to go WAY under, not once, but twice. And while I greatly appreciated the fact that they paid out the money to the checks that were presented, I'm not so greatful that I wasn't alerted to how bad off we were. And more so, to the fact that they were still allowing us to pull money from atms, and use out debit cards (to me, this was totally irresponsible of the bank!) Ok, while it is totally true that the initial thing that sent us under was our doing. The rest of it was theirs. There was no cut off. They charged us fees for every tiny charge we made with our debit cards (we're talking $3 here people). Had the bank denied our card usage like it should have, we would have only gone under by the initial 200 or so. So Ask me why this happened twice that month? By the second pay check, we were so far under that the check didn't make a dent, and so any bills that were paid out to be taken out at the mid month pay, also went under! So really, I do still blame the bank. I know none of my other banks would ever let me go that far! They may fee the crap out of me, but they would NEVER allow the cards to still work! WTF!!!

So today I went to said bank to deposit 7 checks. Christmas and side job money to help us get through this weekend until we get paid on the 15th. Yeah...not happening! The bank insists on an 11 business day hold! Not one cent of that money would be released before the 11th day! Now, with most normal banks, the first 100 is released immediately, which would have been fine. But no, not here, NOT ONE CENT! Now for any of you who do not know, it does NOT take 11 days for a check to clear. It usually only takes 3-5. And actually thanks to the Check 21 act that started in October of 2005, it is only supposed to take 24 hours! But I don't think my bank participates in that, it's federal, but for some reason most of those that work there have never heard of check 21!!!! IDIOTS! The thing that got to me the most though is that the manager ADMITTED to me that they KNOW that all these checks will be cleared before then! if I allowed them to place said hold on these checks, we would not see that money for about two weeks from now. 2 Fridays from now, IF I'm lucky, they could have screwed me more and not have started the count until Monday! And what's worse than that, one of the checks was local, and another check was only $25! WHAT???

So I'm pissed. I'm pissed at our very bleak financial situation, I'm pissed that we can't find help, and I'm pissed that we are now getting punished for all of this. And worse...the military STILL didn't pay Hubby his back pay! HA...

I love my life!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weigh in.

Ok, so my idea is to weigh in 3 times a week. I just didn't get on here yesterday to give you the score! hahaha

Wednesday's weigh in: 207lbs
Difference: 3lbs

End Goal: 125
82lbs to go! hehehe

I haven't been as strict as I was the first day or so, I had an ESC (Enlisted Spouses Club) meeting Tuesday night and of course I gave in to the chips an dips that they served us. After the meeting a group of us went out to a bar to say goodbye to one of our members. So along with the chips add a vodka/cranberry to the mix and viola, bye bye diet. Eh...I still weighed in 3 pounds less the next day. So I let up. I had 1 piece of chocolate yesterday.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Weightloss Challenge

So I started the "Look Great in 2008" Challenge back in October or November. I did ok for a little while and then went back to work and all hell broke loose and I just stopped really "trying." That's not to say that I didn't pay attention to what I was eating. I just didn't purposesly NOT eat things in order to loose weight. I also stopped going to the gym. So all of that put a damper on things.'s 2008, just one week in, and today I am starting My own challenge. Why stop a challenge called "Look Great in 2008" just a week into 2008. So, I'm still going to call it that. Except. I'm gonna add "Look and Feel Great in 2008" There...that'll do!

So this morning I weighed in. I am, I have to admit, a little miffed at my start. I was about 3 lbs lighter two days ago! But Alas, yesterday was our wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner and I enjoyed a huge dish of loaded cheese fries. So off to my butt the yummy goodness went!

So here are the stats:

Starting weight: 210lbs (anyone who happens to look back at my previous blogs will note that I have still lost more weight from November till now!)

Goal Weight: 125 lbs

That is a difference of: 85 lbs

I am hoping to achieve this goal by December 31st 2008.

It's a long way off, but I think that given the time allotted, that is a very reasonable goal. Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a New Year

So, wow, I haven't been on here for a really long time. Hectic Holidays, family issues, work, kids, etc etc etc...It all adds up to no "me" time!

To be absolutely truthful, I really haven't been online too much at all lately. Just the occasional quicky email check. Just have had no real desire to be stuck on the computer. Hubby took a couple weeks off, Gabby was home from school, so for once it was Family time.

Well, today is Thursday, and it being only the 3rd day in the new year, I figured I'd try and quickly figure out some resolutions that I'd like to have accomplished by this December.

*1- Loose weight (wow, never heard that resolution before!) Ok, so it's not a new one, but it's a good one. I need, and would like to loose approximately 100 lbs by December 31st!

*2- Get to the gym regularly. Again, nothing really striking, but this ties into number 1!

*3- Get a job that I like! I think I've done that, maybe?? I'm not sure yet. I now work for Build a Bear Workshop, and all I can say is where else can you dress up stuffed animals all day long and get paid! lol. Oh, and of course I've definately gained Gabby's respect by working there! I'm her Hero! hehehe

*4- Figure out where the girls and I will be during deployments. Sounds funny, but I'm at a major loss with this one. I keep trying to weigh the pros and cons of moving for that period of time. I just can't sum up an answer!

*5- Become more frugal. This family definatly needs to start cutting corners!

*6- Become more financially sound...yeah, this goes back to 4 and 5. A pro to going home, I can collect more money and use that to pay down more debt!

*7- Figure out the next step...yeah, it's vague in my mind too! hahahah

*8-Be more patient. This mainly concerns Hubby and our five year old. I expect too much from her I think.

*9- Figure out whether or not I want to go back to school. This goes back to 7.

*10- figure out once and for all who is a friend and who is fake

*11- Travel. I hope to have the money, and honestly this could go back to number 4!

*12- Decide on what to do with Gabby's education. Give this school another chance, or move on...

*13- Be happier! Sounds easy?! Yeah, it's not. I have alot a negatives in my life. I wish to turn them positives.

Well, there is my Thursday Thirteen! I hope all of your holidays went well. Mine was pretty successful, even though my entire family ended up getting the stomach flu the week of Christmas! It helped us have a nice quiet Christmas to ourselves.

Happy New Year!!!