Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can my life ever be easy?

Well, I'm saying Goodbye to all stress, and still I'm under it.

I just called and talked with my boss at BABW. Yeah, well, I was only wanting to take a leave of absence and instead ended up having to terminate my employment there.

Yesterday morning I woke up to Gabby having a 103.4 fever out of no where. It was so sudden and no signs of any issues, I knew that it was bad news, and indeed that's what it was.
My suspision was that her Kidneys had become infected again. She had just come off of antibiotics for a UTI not even a week ago, and all of a sudden, she's brewing with infection again.

So at 7am I called my babysitter, who of course was not willing to take on two children, one of which was sick as hell. I called work, no answer, I called my mom (needed the moral support), I called the school to say Gabby wasn't coming, I called the Docs to get an appointment, and called work again 3 more times every half hour until my manager finally answer. This all happened in the course of two hours.

When I finally got my manager on the phone I was caught with attitude against me. Evidently I was the only one who was working with her all day yesterday and BABW had a party booked for 11am. So I was told "No, you can't call in" and "Well, you need to call a friend" (to which I informed her of the afformentioned info!) lastly met with a "Well, FINE, I'll just have to figure it out on my own!" attitude, which of course, led me to be more stressed out and more upset because now I've realized I have an uncaring boss!

The doctor's appointment was at 1:30, we arrived at 1:10pm and did not leave the dang office until 5:30!!!!! They did every culture under the sun, including throat, blood and urine to find out the cause of infection, only to tell me at 5pm that they know there is infection in her body, but they don't know where, but we're going to give her a shot of antibiotics to help get rid of it faster. During the appointment the doc mentioned possibly having to admit her, surprisingly they didn't go that route. So, for three days in a row, this poor thing has to get two shots in each of her legs. I guess it's better than an iv?!

Hubby is not here, of all times that this comes up again, it's when he's gone. And of course, stupid me stopped taking my meds! I'm dumb, I know I am. But still, why are people so uncaring.

like I said, I just got off the phone with my manager, and to my story about yesterday, and my wanting to take a leave of absense to be fair to my family and to the store she says "well I'm glad you realized that there was a problem, because yesterday was just rediculous here, it was a disaster" Not..."Oh, I'm sorry your daughter is so sick" or at least "I'm sorry your daughter isn't feeling well, but yes it is a good idea to take leave, cause the store can't deal with this...blah blah...

No...just about the store. I guess I thought I meant more to the people there than that? kinda hurtful.

What's a geographical single mom to do? Well, at least I don't have to worry about baby sitting anymore. If I really want to, I can look into being rehired by them at a later time when my hours open up a bit more? But for now, it wasn't great money, and definately not good hours for me. So I guess it's for the best.

Still, it was the best job I've had yet. Well, one that brought me a little joy anyway. and yes, I'm shedding a little tear. I'm upset that again, I've had to give up on something that I honestly liked.

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Melonie said...

UGH!!!! How is she feeling now? Are the antibiotics kicking in? Is she on spring break or is she having to miss school?

What a bummer about BABW. Having done so many years in retail mgmt I can understand how stressed your boss must have been at that point - because there were probably other things going on too behind the scenes that she had no time to share with you or shouldn't - BUT STILL. Have a heart, be human! Her, not you. lol She definitely should have/could have taken a moment to show some compassion. *sigh* What a crappy week. I hope Gabby is feeling better by the minute and that infection goes away FAST.