Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TDY means insomnia!

So For the last two weeks, since hubby's been on tdy all over god's country, i've been up past midnight. I consider this a bit of insomnia. Especially considering my normal bed time is somewhere between 8pm and 10pm. I barely ever make it all the way to 11! There is no real reason for it except the fact that #1-I don't have a job anymore, and so there is no place for me to hurry off to in the morning, and #2-Gabby's school is on spring place for me to be. But the real reason is that Hubby is not here!
I use to go through phases like this when he first joined. Anytime we have been seperated from each other, I've gone through phases of insomnia. I think it's just my bodies way of saying that there is a piece of me missing.
It hasn't really bothered me until tonight. I think that's because I haven't heard from ANYONE today, well except for my mom. But I haven't heard from Hubby, or my other friends who usually text me 90 times a day. Nope, everyone is busy, so I'm bored! Even my sis-in-law isn't online right now. So I've no one to talk to. And it's midnight!

I hate being bored and lonely. I should be either going to bed or doing laundry...

hmmm...sleep sounds more inviting! hahahah

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Melonie said...

well, there's always the asset of modern appliances - you can do laundry and then sleep while it dries. haha

hope you get some sleep soon!